Road trips can be a drag. You’re stuck in a vehicle for hours, and catching up on podcasts or new music can only occupy so much time. When you travel with DC Charter Bus Company, you’ll be traveling in a charter bus rental with your (hopefully) favorite people! So why not burn some time playing a few games on your bus? Renting a charter bus in DC can keep your group together during hectic gridlock in the metro area or even keep everyone comfortable while shuttling to other cities. Pass the time in your bus rental to Richmond or your charter bus to Virginia Beach with group games.

Whether you have cards on hand or need an easy game to play without supplies, we’ve got you covered. Book your DC charter bus rental and get ready to hit the road with games to play on a bus during your next trip!

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Would You Rather

This classic game is the perfect opportunity to get a few laughs in on a long drive and get to know the people in your travel group even better. The game’s premise is simple, draw up two scenarios and take turns asking your fellow passengers their preference between the two! Brainstorm ridiculous questions or go a bit deeper with thought-provoking questions. Would you rather swim the perimeter of the Tidal Basin or run laps around The National Mall? Would you rather Hercules-style battle Abraham Lincoln’s animated statue at the Lincoln Memorial or survive a Night at the Museum-style evening in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History?

Not feeling creative? You can use your charter bus’s WiFi to look up some questions. There are plenty of free Would You Rather templates available online. Would You Rather is best played with relatively small groups and offers never-ending possibilities.


Telephone is another classic game to add to your DC charter bus trip! However, Telephone is best played with a large group! It’s always more fun that way and can be enjoyed by passengers of all ages. One passenger, maybe at the front of the bus, starts the game by whispering a statement to the person next to them or behind them. This person whispers what they’ve heard to another person, and so on and so forth until the statement reaches the back of your charter bus. At the end, the last person tells the group what they heard and you can compare them to the original statement that started the game. In most instances, the words you started with aren’t what you end with! Our hearing isn’t as good as most people think and you’ll usually get a pretty funny variation of the original statement by the end of the game. “I like butter and jam on my toast,” can quickly turn into “I like ham on my toes.”

I Spy

If you’re traveling in a city as historic as Washington DC, playing a game like I Spy is a great idea because there’s plenty to look at! Most DC charter bus rentals include panoramic windows that are perfect for this game, especially if you’re stuck in the city’s notorious gridlock. The game is simple and starts with one player saying “I spy with my little eye….” before vaguely describing an object they see out the window. This can be the object’s color, shape, or any brief identifying word! The other players will have to guess what the object is by looking out the window. Whoever guesses the object correctly will be the next one to spy. If you’re traveling with a school group, you can even make this game educational by pointing out DC landmarks or memorials and giving small history lessons along the way.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is best played by an older crowd because it takes more work to come up with deceptive (yet somewhat believable) lies! This game is also typically best played with a smaller group. Each player will take turns making three statements about themselves, however, only two will be true and the third will be a lie. It’s up to the other players to determine which statements are true and which are false. After everyone takes a turn guessing, the player will reveal which statements were truths and which was a lie.

You can keep a tally of who guesses the most lies correctly or just use the game as an opportunity to get to know one another. You can throw in silly lies or information that will prompt a thought-provoking conversation. It’s also good to remember that sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Interesting conversations will come up throughout gameplay and during your ride around DC!

First Letter, Last Letter

First Letter, Last Letter is a simple game but maybe one you haven’t played or heard of. A player starts off saying a word, it could be an object, a person, or anything! The next player must follow with a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. So for example, if someone says “lion” the next person could say “newt.” Following “newt,” another player could say “tarantula.” This goes on until someone runs out of words! The best way to up the stakes is by setting a time limit and picking a category for the game.

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