About DC Charter Bus Company

Washington, DC is a beautiful city filled with world-famous museums and historical monuments, attracting history buffs, students, and curious minds alike. But no matter how excited you are to explore the city, organizing transportation can definitely put a damper on your planning experience. That`s where DC Charter Bus Company comes in!

We help groups of all sizes travel through Washington, DC without missing a beat. With us, you can create your own tour of the city and enjoy a bus service that travels on your time, complete with a professional driver and a variety of onboard amenities. Keep reading to learn more about what we do, and call our 24-hour team at 202-903-0059 when you`re ready to receive a free quote!

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What Do We Do?

DC Charter Bus Company provides private charter bus rentals to groups traveling in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We`re able to book fleets of multiple types of buses, small minibuses for one-day trips, and a variety of fleet types in between for all types of trips.

Where Do We Go?

DC Charter Bus Company can transport your group to anywhere in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including Alexandria, Arlington, and Bethesda—but we don`t stop there! If you`re planning to travel out of DC or set out on a cross-country excursion, we can find a bus that will stay with you for as long as you`ll be traveling. If you`re not sure if we can service your trip, just give our 24-hour team a call at 202-903-0059.

Who Can Book a Bus?

Short answer: Anyone!

Long answer: We book charter buses for wedding coordinators, corporate event planners, schools, sports teams, families, groups of friends, tour companies, and more. Whether you`re planning a quick day trip or organizing a large event with multiple buses, we can find exactly what you need to transport your group everywhere you need to go.

What Type of Bus Can I Book?

We book buses of all sizes, designed to hold as few as 18 passengers or as many as 56 passengers at a time. If you can`t find exactly what you`re looking for, let our team know and we`ll hunt to find the best charter bus for your trip.

What Amenities Are Included on Buses?

Standard amenities include free WiFi, overhead storage, large windows, and air conditioning. Larger models will also include storage bays under the bus and an onboard restroom.

Every charter bus comes with a professional, experienced driver who will keep your group safe throughout your trip.

We can also provide an ADA-accessible bus upon request, at no additional charge!

All other amenity requests can be directed to our team at 202-903-0059.

Why Should I Book a Bus with DC Charter Bus Company?

Booking a charter bus with us can bring you peace of mind in a few ways:

Keep Your Group Together

Instead of organizing a multi-car caravan to or through DC, you and your group members can stay together on one vehicle without worrying about who got stuck at a red light or accidentally took a wrong turn.

Enjoy a Professional Designated Driver

From all-day exploring to the occasional night out, you`ll enjoy a driver who`s at your service throughout your trip in DC. We`ll follow your custom school field trip itinerary or provide a safe ride for your bachelorette party or wedding.

Follow Your Own Schedule

Instead of following a tour company`s schedule, you`ll get to create your own itinerary and see exactly what you want to see when you want to see it. Or, if you`re on a strict schedule for your upcoming business conference or other special event, your driver will make sure that everyone can arrive exactly where they need to be in a timely manner.

Avoid Hunting for Parking

Washington, DC is a very walkable city, which means that when it does come time to drive somewhere, finding parking can be very difficult. We`ll help you sort out parking logistics before your trip begins. During your trip, your driver will drop you off at every destination and navigate to bus parking areas so you can focus on enjoying yourself!

Book Your Washington, DC Charter Bus Rental Today

Ready to book? No matter what trip you have coming up, we`re here to help you organize group transportation you can count on. Call 202-903-0059 at any time to learn more about pricing, ask any questions you may have, and book your charter bus rental in DC!